New Jeans!


Everyone wants the perfect pair of jeans, but the thought of spending all day trying on pair after pair is less than exciting to me. To avoid the bright white lights of a dressing room, I prefer to order 100 pairs of jeans online, try them on at home and return them because nothing ever fits the way I want it to. I am the picture of efficiency. On a recent jean buying binge, I accidentally stumbled upon Gap’s new line of jeans called the resolution slim straight. I got them home and I actually like them! The jeans are really soft and comfy. They have a straight, slim cut but they aren’t as fitted as jeggings. They fit well with boots or flip flops. And the best part? They cost $70. So when the baby decides to spill his yogurt all over me, I won’t even mind that much.

Baby Buggy Fundraiser


Our friends at Hartshorn Portraiture are sponsoring a fundraiser through April, so here’s your chance to get gorgeous pictures (and we mean gorgeous) while helping families in need! For every session booked, Hartshorn Portraiture will donate the funds to purchase a stroller. How awesome is that? Each session is $250 and comes with an 8 by 10 print. This is a great opportunity to get some great shots of your family while supporting a worthy cause. Tell them twohappymamas sent you!



Since having my second baby, I am having a hell of a time trying to fit a workout into my schedule. Between work, school drop off and pick up, the baby’s nap schedule, errands and keeping my house from falling down, I have about thirty-three seconds to myself. (And I usually try to use that time to go to the bathroom alone.) Since creating a twenty-fifth hour in the day has failed so far, I am going to try to move some things around to find at least 30 minutes, 3 days a week to work out. Since the gym is out of the question for me, I tried out a number of the online streaming workout services.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally settled on FitnessGlo. FitnessGlo offers a ton of different types of classes, including Cardio Dance, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Step, Stretch and Strength Training in varying levels of difficulty. Most of the videos are 30 minutes long (ideal for me), but they do offer longer and shorter videos too. You can pick and choose your videos or you can use their offered programs to schedule your workouts. The dashboard tools are great because they track your progress, allow you to save favorites and set up a schedule. The one downside to the program is that the music selection is not very good, so if music is important to you, this might not be the right fit. At $12 per month, the service pays for itself even if you only use it once a week. It motivates me enough to use it, but I don’t feel awful if I am not able to fit in a workout. This is a great option for busy moms!

Forming Great Eating Habits

forming healthy eating habits

The other day I had the following conversation with my three year old:

3 year old: What are we having for dinner?
Me: Chicken, carrots and couscous
3 year old: I don’t like that.
Me: But you ate it last week.

Sigh. Sound familiar? Getting kids to eat healthy foods is tough, but I do believe there are some strategies you can implement early to set your kids up with healthy eating habits.

1. Don’t give up. If your little one doesn’t like a new food, keep trying! It can take up to a dozen times before a child takes to a new food. Persistence is key. It isn’t easy, but it works.

2. Don’t make a big deal about it. This goes hand in hand with not giving up. If your little one tries a food and doesn’t like it, don’t freak out, make a big deal or force him to keep trying. Just accept your little one’s opinion and move on. You can come back to the food a few days later. Along the same vein, when I am offering a new food, I try to avoid making any comments about whether my kids will like it. I just put the food on the plate, answer any questions if my son asks and act very casually. The more casual I am, the more casual my son is about trying something new.

3. Keep portions small. A huge plate of food can feel really overwhelming. Try to offer a taste or a small portion of a new food with other foods you know your child enjoys eating.

4. Eat together. Everyone in my family eats the same meal. When we sit down to eat, I try to model the behavior I want my kids to emulate. If we are trying a new food, we do it together. Since crazy schedules can make this hard, I am mindful of only offering new foods when we aren’t in a huge rush. I also make sure we have lots of meals that are a surefire hit that way mealtime does not become a sore spot.

5. Second options. If my kids refuse to eat what I made, and I know it is something they like and have eaten in the past, I don’t make a second meal. Nine times out of ten, if he is hungry, my son will eventually eat what I made. Controversial? Maybe. But my son knows that he can’t get out of eating healthy foods by claiming he doesn’t like something. If I am making a brand new dish he has not tried, I always have a back up in case he doesn’t like it. But I hold off on offering it until I can tell he really doesn’t want to eat it.

6. Cook together. I bring my three year old into the kitchen to help out all the time. When he is involved in cooking a meal, he is much more invested in eating it.

Do you have any tips for forming healthy eating habits?

Photo credit: eliasqz / Foter / CC BY-SA

Perfect Rice Krispie Treats


Rice Krispie Treats are the dessert of my childhood. On a recent snowy day (and gosh if you live in the Northeast, there have been lots of them), I set out to find the perfect recipe to make with my daughter. I almost instantly fell in love with the Cookies and Cups recipe, because it was clear that she did her research in her quest for the perfect Rice Krispie treat. Respect.

Here’s what you need:

  • 5 Tbsp butter
  • 8 cups, plus 2 cups mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups Krispie Cereal
  • ½ tsp salt
  • We added 3/4 cup chocolate too

Line a 9 by 9 pan with foil and spray with Pam.  In a large pot, melt the butter.  Add 8 cups mini marshmallows, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and stir in Rice Krispies and salt.  Once the cereal is coated, stir in remaining 2 cups of mini marshmallows and chocolate, if you wish.  Poor mixture into pan and press evenly (but don’t press too much!). Cool completely before enjoying!

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