My daughter is fairly open to trying new foods, but there are days where she just isn’t interested in what we are are offering.  My husband and I discovered the secret to getting her to eat whatever proteins and veggies we are offering – wrap it in a tortilla!


The first time she ate tacos with the steak we were eating for dinner, she loved them.  There is something so fun about eating Mexican style food, isn’t there?  Have yourselves a family burrito night, like we did the other night, and let your littles go to town.  It’s as simple as wrapping the following in a large flour tortilla:

-Tilapia, seasoned with lime juice, cumin, chili powder and olive oil, grilled or sauteed
-Black beans
-red peppers and onions, chopped and sauteed
-salsa and guacamole

Wrap everything tight in a burrito, with some foil at the end to hold it together.  My daughter ate the entire thing – and so did we!  We can wrap pretty much any meat or fish with some sauteed veggies, beans, and rice in a tortilla to make a burrito or tacos, and it’s a fiesta!

Roseland Greek Festival

As you all know, one of us mamas is Greek and the other one is an honorary Greek, so you will definitely find us at the Roseland Greek Festival next weekend – September 26th, 27th and 28th at Saints Nicholas, Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church.

RoselandFestivalLogo245Bring your little ones to this family friendly festival, and enjoy delicious and authentic Greek food like souvlaki, gyro, lamb, spanakopita, moussaka, pastitio, and stuffed peppers… not to mention all the yummy dessert offered.  You’ll have the chance to watch (and participate in!) Greek dancing, shop some great vendors, and support an awesome community I am proud to call my own.  See you there.  Opa!

Type-A Parent Conference

When I decided to leave my full time lawyer job, I figured out I would pick up some part time or freelance jobs. Little did I know I would end up with three jobs (yup, three!), one of which has turned out to be a totally new line of work. And I love it. I am the Director of Operations for Type-A Parent, the world’s largest conference and social network for parents who blog.

Type-A Logo

I work on daily operations of the site and I assist in conference planning. This weekend is the 6th Annual Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta. Not only am I going, but I am speaking about blogging and the law, a cross section of two of my favorite things. (Yes, I am a nerd). I am crazy excited (and nervous) to have such a fantastic opportunity. Although the conference is sold out, you should definitely check out the site. It has great content and an amazing community of members. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Now wish me luck! Or at least say a little prayer I don’t trip on the stage.

Hospital Survival Kit

This past weekend, my mom and sister threw me a “sprinkle” to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my baby boy, due next month.  One of my favorite gifts was the basket they put together dubbed my “Hospital Survival Kit.”

IMG_1881In a sea of presents which included diapers, wipes, and baby clothes (all of which were much needed and very appreciated), this basket stood out because it was all for me, and it’s a great idea if you are looking for a gift for a new mama.  In it, they included things like:

  • A bottle of champagne, which we will definitely be cracking open to celebrate when the baby is born;
  • Cozy slipper socks for the hospital;
  • A heating pad;
  • Some of my favorite lotions, body washes, hand sanitizers, soaps, and beauty products;
  • Fluffy towels to bring to the hospital (Isn’t it nice to have your own with you?);
  • Tea and other snacks and treats to bring to the hospital;
  • A gift certificate for a mani/pedi so I’m all glammed up for the big day (ha ha);
  • And a promise to bring me an Italian sub the day I have the baby, because man am I craving one!

A Hospital Survival Kit is especially perfect for a second (or third) time mama, who already has most of the essential gear.  Why not treat your favorite pregnant mama to one today?  I can tell you, from experience, she will definitely appreciate it.  What else would you include?

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