Transition to Fall Fashion


Decorating dilemma. You want nice stuff. You have kids. Two things that generally do not go hand-in-hand. The one thing in my house that gets beat up the most? My rugs. It seems like every single time my baby decides to spit up I am standing in the middle of an area rug. It never really feels clean after that, ya know? I recently learned about a carpet company called Flor that makes having a nice rug a reality.

Flor Carpeting

The cool thing about using Flor is that it is carpet, but it comes in tiles. When you put it together, you don’t see the seams so it just looks like a really nice area rug. The best part? If you have a stain you can’t remove, you just replace the one tile, instead of the whole rug. Imagine a life with a clean rug. Now that is bliss.

Montclair BABY Mix and Mingle

We are gearing up for one of our favorite events – Montclair BABY’s Mix and Mingle on Thursday, September 11th from 7 to 9 PM.


This event is completely FREE and chock full of information for mamas and mamas-to-be from vendors and health professionals.  That’s not to mention the delicious food and awesome giveaways!  Pre-registration is required.  Be sure to stop by our table and say hi!

Placemat Menu

Kids like choices, right? Pretty much every kid I have encountered wants a say in what they eat, wear, watch and play with. While I am all for empowering independent thinkers, sometimes I just want things done my way. Tell that to my son. I recently heard about a really cute idea for giving kids control over what they eat at meals. Let them pick from a menu!

Breakfast menu via @twohappymamas

Here is how it works. Once a week, whip up a quick printout with a list of menu options for each meal. If this is too ambitious, choose only one meal, like breakfast, where you know you will have a number of choices in the house already. If you like ambitious ventures, laminate your printout and use it as a placemat! And if you are computer savvy, use a little clipart to put a picture next to the menu item so your little one can choose. If not, no worries. You can sit with them and read the menu for your little one so they can easily pick. The menu gives your little one a feeling of control over what they are eating, while you get to decide what food they can choose from. Bon Appetit!

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